ECO: How to make your pet stands still

As for the new pet system, the pets can now be levelled up using the EXP that you earn while hunting. There fore, it will be good if you can make the pet stand still in a safe location while you’re hunting on the same map.

The idea is simple, make an AI that always commands your pet to “standby”.

ss20140803_132522.jpg - Windows フォト ビューアー 2014-08-03 14.51.38
AI final setting

This tutorial is for those who has difficulty – or is even unable to – read Japanese. Prepare your pet and 2000 G. Go to Acronia South Plains (南アクロニア平原). Find the Pet Cube Vending Machines (アクトキューブ製造機) as shown below.

ss20140803_132244.jpg - Windows フォト ビューアー 2014-08-03 15.01.58

Now we’re gonna buy the “Conditional” cube. Follow the choices:

  1. キューブを買う(1st)
  2. 自分(3rd)
  3. 自分(2nd)
  4. HP(2nd)
  5. ○○%以下(2nd)

Choose the bottommost cube (自分のHP 100%<自分>). This cube means “When self’s HP is less than or equal to 100%, target self”

ss20140803_132326.jpg - Windows フォト ビューアー 2014-08-03 15.08.43
自分のHP ≤100%<自分>

Ok, that’s it for the conditional cube. Now move on to the neighboring machine.

ss20140803_132408.jpg - Windows フォト ビューアー 2014-08-03 15.12.11

Now follow these choices:

  1. キューブを買う(1st)
  2. 行動アクトキューブ(3rd)
  3. 行動「必要信頼度:黒以上」(1st)

Choose the first cube: 待機 (standby)

ss20140803_132421.jpg - Windows フォト ビューアー 2014-08-03 15.15.33

That’s all for the cubes. Now equip your pet, then use those cubes.

ss20140803_132617.jpg - Windows フォト ビューアー 2014-08-03 15.23.21
Use (double-click) these cubes.

Time to set the AI for your pet. Right click on your pet and choose the last option: AIカスタムウインドウ表示

ss20140803_132441.jpg - Windows フォト ビューアー 2014-08-03 15.24.57

You should see the newly bought cube on the right hand side. Drag that cube into the AI slot 1.

ss20140803_132504.jpg - Windows フォト ビューアー 2014-08-03 15.25.46
条件キューブ. Drag the cube to the left slot.

Click on the dropdown box on the top-right side, and choose the second option: 行動


eco 2014-08-03 15.31.44
Choose 行動 Cube.

You should find your other cube: 待機. Drag it to the same slot with previous cube.

ss20140803_132513.jpg - Windows フォト ビューアー 2014-08-03 15.33.41
Drag 待機 to the left slot, same row with the previous cube.

Turn on that AI slot, and press the Setup button at the bottom.

ss20140803_132522.jpg - Windows フォト ビューアー 2014-08-03 15.34.51
Turn the red オブ button to オン (blue). Then click on セットアップ button below.

That’s all for the AI setting. It’s now ready to be used. To use this AI setting, right-click at your pet and choose the third option: かんたんAI設定ウィンドウ表示

ss20140803_132528.jpg - Windows フォト ビューアー 2014-08-03 15.36.43
Right click on your pet, choose the 3rd option

Click on the カスタム icon.

ss20140803_132534.jpg - Windows フォト ビューアー 2014-08-03 15.37.43
Activate the custom AI.

Try to walk away from your pet. If it does not follow you, Congratulations! If it still follows you, try changing map. Usually there’s some lag when the setting is applied.

Credits to Hourai.

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