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Devil May Cry 4

Recently I’ve been playing DMC4 and managed to somehow beat all levels. If you have completed at least one level, you should be able to play another level with all weapon already available (for Dante) and all Devil Bringer’s skill available (for Nero). There are many walkthroughs out there, so I won’t be writing another one. Instead, I will tell some tips which I considered will come in handy.

I’ve beaten Devil Hunter mode at my first try. And guess what, I “continued” many times throughout the missions. Beating the Devil Hunter’s bosses with a very limited set of skills isn’t an easy task. But it has the advantage, though, that I can play Human mode far easier than it should be. No matter what mode you may have completed first, there are several more difficult levels waiting for you. Every level completion will reward you with an Image art.

  1. Beating Devil Hunter mode will unlock Legendary Dark Knight mode
  2. Beating Human mode will unlock Son of Sparda mode
  3. Beating Son of Sparda mode will unlock Dante Must Die mode and Heaven or Hell mode (if I’m not mistaken), and Super Character!
  4. Beating Legendary Dark Knight mode will unlock Hell and Hell mode
  5. Beating the rest of the modes only writes your history

Note: I beat all levels in about 88 hours of playing. It includes beating Bloody Palace with Super Dante once, though.

Level comparison

  1. Human mode enemies: low defense, low damage, slow to attack, low number of spawns
  2. Devil Hunter mode enemies: moderate defense, moderate damage, attacks faster (but still slow), “normal” number of spawns
  3. Son of Sparda mode enemies: moderate defense, slightly higher damage, same attack speed with DH mode, increased number of spawns (there are enemies which shouldn’t be there yet)
  4. Dante Must Die mode enemies: almost all the same with Son of Sparda mode, only now they can use Devil Trigger. Devil Triggered enemies’ defense and damage are doubled (rough estimate)
  5. Legendary Dark Knight mode enemies: defense and damage are roughly equal to those of Devil Hunter’s. Just they spawn in incredible number. I’m using Super Character for this mode
  6. Heaven or Hell mode enemies: One hit kill mode, attacks more aggresively, spawn much more likely the same with Son of Sparda’s level number.
  7. Hell and Hell mode enemies: defense is roughly equal to those of Devil Hunter’s. spawn is roughly equal to those of Son of Sparda’s level. I’m using Super Character for this mode

Now, the random tips are as follow:

  • If you’re going to buster-combo a boss, make sure (or try) to be in Devil Trigger form. It deals more damage (maybe about 150%) compared to no Trigger form.
  • When you play Nero, always charge your shot while you’re bustering a boss.
  • Devil Triggered enemies are much more difficult to kill. Try to get rid of them before they trigger
  • Snatching the dice will result in the same number being displayed with the one before the dice is snatched. e.g. if you snatch the dice when it shows “4”, the result will be “4” as well. I haven’t tried it with gun, slash, or buster or anything though.
  • Son of Sparda and the rest of the modes dice game rules are a little different with Human and Devil Hunter mode. Suppose you’re 3 steps away from the finish tile. You hit the dice and it shows 5. In Human and Devil Hunter mode, it will advance and stop at the finish tile. While at the other modes, it will bounce back as many times as the excessive number. So you have to exactly hit the right number to finish.
  • To uncloak Mephisto and Faust, use Nero’s Charge Shot 3 or Dante’s Charge Shot. This might be an alternative if they’re still far away from you. For Dante, however, it will be a little difficult, but you may use Lucifer as well.
  • When you’re in Devil Trigger and bustering an ordinary enemy (in which the buster just smash it down), you’d better buster in mid-air rather than smashing it thrice at the ground. This is to finish movement earlier. Remember, Buster can be dangerous when there are too many enemies around since it renders you immobile for a while.
  • EX Split seems to be undeflectable by Angelo’s shields. Use it against them when you can, since facing a number of Angelos can be difficult
  • At Mission 18, the Savior can be knocked back using Pandora’s Revenge if you don’t want to look for the artillery launcher. You have to plan the timing, still

Boss tips:

  • Berial could be a tough enemy in close range, especially if you’re playing Hell and Hell mode. You can’t just simply approach him and swinging sword.

    • When you use Dante, simply blast him using Pandora’s Revenge form from afar. And when Berial activates Devil Trigger (in DMD mode), you should have enough Disaster gauge to launch rockets to finish him off quickly.
    • When you use Nero, use Charge Shot 3. Although it’s slow, it deals good damage and knocks Berial back just like Pandora’s Revenge.
  • Bael and Dagon’s Rusalkas are more likely to inflict damage than the frog itself.

    • At early phase, the Rusalkas will only wait for you to hit them with sword. But sometimes they’ll avoid your sword – that’s when you need to be cautious. They will slash a blade at you. You have 2 choices: avoid it or keep attacking (make sure you don’t miss) so that you won’t take damage.
    • At later phase, you’ll only need to watch your head so that the frog won’t smash you to pieces. Keep attacking from its side, never from its front (you’ll risk being eaten).
  • Echidna’s phases are different depending on the level.

    • In Human and Devil Hunter mode, Echidna tends to use flying charge and poop(?) attack at early phase, while at the other modes, Echidna tends to plant herself and uses tentacle attacks.
    • There is a safe spot to avoid being charged by Echidna: stay close to the Hell Gate. Echidna won’t crash into the Hell Gate, so take your time and Charge your shot to Charge Shot 3 (if you use Nero).
    • When she uses poop(?) attack, try to climb to the body, not the bottom. You can use Nero’s Snatch. Attack her at the body. If you’re lucky enough, she will be weak enough to be bustered. Buster her at her body, and then her bottom. If you’re using Super Nero, you may launch Showdown combo to weaken her.
    • When she uses plant-tentacle attack, and you use Super Nero, you may bet your luck. Quickly approach her and launch Showdown. If you’re lucky, she will be weak enough to be bustered. If you prefer regular attacks, just jump above her when she blows you away with her wind. Keep shooting to hold your position mid-air until the tentacles finish attacking, and then Split her. Repeat it.
  • Angelo Credo is usually more into defending and waiting to be attacked. You should destroy the shield to launch buster combo on him. However, to destroy the shield, you have to buster him as well. The obvious timing to buster him is when he’s done with his attacks. To do this, simply attack him when he’s walking. He’ll block your attack and start a combo. Double jump and keep airborne till he’s finished. Quickly land and buster him. You should hit the shield if you’re not too late. When the shield goes off, just D.T. and bustercombo him as usual.
    Angelo Credo
  • Angelo Agnus might be the easiest boss in DMC4 since most of his attacks can be dodged easily. However, there are Gladiuses and Basilisks which can be annoying enough if you don’t quickly buster them. When you use Dante, Lucifer works well. Just madly plant Lucifer at him, and get rid of Gladiuses/Basilisks with Rebellion or Coyote.
    Angelo Agnus
  • Sanctus is a little bit annoying, since he runs away when the shield is broken. Keep chasing him by running (while avoiding that projectiles). Wait for him to start an attack (“Repent!”, “You will fail!”, fireball attacks, or shocking zone attack), and slash him quickly to buster him. You may want to try Showdown before bustering him.
    Angelo Sanctus

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