ECO Patch New Downloader

As what the title says, this application is just a download helper for eco’s patch files. It looks similar to the previous post, but with some added functions. Now the program can handle editing the upsv.lst and running nginx for you.

Note: This program requires .NET Framework 4.0
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Taichung Adventure

At first, I never thought I would be able to travel outside Taipei while still in the first year of study here. Until one day suddenly my roommate tells me about Taiwan Host Family Program. Of course, me being myself, I tend to reject that offer. But after being persuaded several times, I filled up the application form and submitted it.
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ECO Japan Manual Update

I’m not talking about an official manual patch. Instead, I just wrote how to update the Emil Chronicle Online client manually -yes, literally manually. This guide is only appropriate to you if:

  • You have a very slow/unstable connection so that you cannot finish a big update.
  • You have tried updating many times without success.
  • You are patient enough to read and follow this guide (which I bet most of you are not).
  • You don’t have any other choice left.

If you’re wondering why should you choose this way to update, one thing that is almost guaranteed is that you don’t need to repeat the update from the beginning every time you fail, since you’ll download the files manually. You can use any download manager to pause and continue every time you want.

Update (22 Aug 2013): Step 3 up to 9 can be replaced by using the application I posted here.

The big idea is to redirect the patch server into your own computer (localhost) so the launcher would request update from your own computer. To do this you need a web server. OK, for those who do not understand, you can forget this paragraph and continue.

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Devil May Cry 4 Tips

Devil May Cry 4

Recently I’ve been playing DMC4 and managed to somehow beat all levels. If you have completed at least one level, you should be able to play another level with all weapon already available (for Dante) and all Devil Bringer’s skill available (for Nero). There are many walkthroughs out there, so I won’t be writing another one. Instead, I will tell some tips which I considered will come in handy.
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Lost Wanderer

Five months have passed since I quit my job. There have been so much people asking me: Why do I quit my job; Why am I unemployed; Why am I such a lazybum; and similar questions. Indeed, people may judge me as a lazybum who does not have the will to work, a nerd who does not want to work with others, and even an anti-social person.

Seriously, I don’t hate cooperate with others if it comes to work. I may be a lazy bum, but I can make sure I’m not anti-social. I have difficulties socializing with people I don’t know, but that does not mean I don’t want to meet anyone new. It’s just difficult for me, and I don’t enjoy it. Maybe it’s because my introvertness. Sharing is hell, I can’t even put my feelings or thoughts into proper words.

My mom said I quit my job too early. Yes, maybe so. But back then, I recall that I really didn’t enjoy the job. It id not make me feel comfortable when all I did was doing a training without a transparent feedback. The people were nice, it’s nothing to worry about. It’s just the job, the task, and the awkward environment when all your coworkers are busy while you aren’t. It felt like hell, going to work every 8:00 a.m. and doing nothing except staring at the monitor; eating “free” lunch at 12:00 p.m. and continue doing nothing; returning home at 5:00 p.m. already tired; and getting normal payment at the end of the month. Hey, what the hell was I doing there!

However, quitting job too early has its downsides. I haven’t really experienced how to work in office environment, and I surely don’t get new relations. Network is important, yet I threw it away. I was blinded by the will to study abroad. Now I know, it’s not exactly “study abroad” that I wanted; it was “going abroad” or to be more exact, to break free.

But now that I’m really free, I lost my goal. I forgot, or maybe I haven’t really given a thought about one, solid goal which could drive me to work hard. I’ve been too obedient since school days so that I don’t have the will on my own. All I did was to fulfill my parents’ expectations, people’s expectations on me. Arithmetic courses, Mandarin courses, high school’s natural science department; all of them were my parents’ will. I never liked Mandarin, nor do I have the will to learn it. Now that I mentioned it, my very first own will, is to learn Japanese, which was considered less important than Chinese. And my second will is to study IT.

My parents set high hopes on me when I quit the job. But till now, I haven’t got any stable income. My parents might think that I’m still learning or that my plan is in progress. Actually, I don’t have any plans. I may have short-term goals, but I haven’t made any plans to reach it yet. These are questions that I found really hard to answer:

  • What kind of job do you want?
  • How much are your monthly payment?
  • What are you working on right now?
  • Show me your portfolios
  • Do you have a fiancee yet? (I don’t even think of it)

I feel very guilty when I don’t meet my parents’ expectations, because however, they are still supporting me financially. So, I’m lost within it. The guilt drives me to work, while the biased goal does not give me any plans on how to work. Checkmate. I’m still thinking about the solution, though. Generation gap surely gives a pain. Older people won’t understand what we, IT generation, is dealing with, and vice versa.

Saboteur – by me


Actually this is the main purpose which takes my time so I almost has no time to post (not even have a holiday). This game is my final project for my pre-graduate study. It will be hosted on

For those who haven’t heard of this game, I’ll give you a quick explanation. It’s a mining-themed card game. The players make a path at each of their turns, until they find the gold, or until the deck is eaten up. The full guide is here.

Okay, back to topic. The rules isn’t important here. What I want to say is, I’m remaking this card game using web application – or in another word, a Web Game. After some time I spent on researching, I found that almost every popular web game is based on Flash. The problem is, I don’t know much about Flash. Something inside me is protesting: Why Flash when there’s Javascript? (I don’t know why I’m such a pro to Javascript, but that’s me).

And my stubbornness leads me to Ajax. An ordinary ajax technique won’t be sufficient, I need Ajax Polling technique. According to my research, the true Ajax Polling is one of the technique which is called Comet Programming. What the hell is that? Well if I know, I would not be so confused doing this project.

So far about my project, I’m using CodeIgniter 2.0.2 (and I will continue updating it), jQuery 1.5.2 (always updated), and some CI Libraries. I hosted my project on Github. If you want to check just stop by.

Friends – What is it?

If you’re using Google (I believe you are), imagine the server is down for some period of time. You’re desperately in need to use it and it’s not running. Do you stop using its services even after it’s up and running again just because it has failed you?

If you’re using Yahoo! Messenger Service or MSN Messenger Service, imagine the chat server is down and you can’t chat with your friends. When it’s finally running again, will you hate it because of being down?

If you’re subscribing to a ISP and sometimes the network is down, once and twice, you may post your complain. But do you stop subscribing just because of it? Just because you “paid” them and didn’t get what you deserve for a period of time?

If you have a laptop and the battery is unusable, having you plug it in at the power source everytime you use it, do you quickly dispose it and buy a new one? Even if you do have money, will you discard it that easily?

Ah well, forget those stupid questions above. What I want to say is, even a strong server like Google, YM, MSN Messenger will sometimes go down – whether it’s because of hardware maintenance, software update, or an accident. They dedicated their servers to serve everyone in the world. Imagine how many requests come to the server every second, and how many responses does the server has to send back to the clients. After using their services, I don’t think anyone will hate them just because they’re down for some time.

Well, now how about your point of view about your friends? If one of your friends “goes down”, how would you react?

  • Will you look for the reason why he/she “goes down”?
  • Will you still consider he/she as your friend?
  • If you still do, why? Is it because you still need him/her? Is it because no one can replace him/her?
  • If you don’t, why? Is it because you hate him/her deep inside? Is it becase you no longer need him/her?
  • Will you help him/her to back on his/her feet? Or will you just wait and do nothing?

I’m not Google, which can handle almost all your requests without fail. I’m just a man with limited capability.

Just a spam I guess, but I really want to write it down. Sorry if my writing is so lame.