ECO Patch New Downloader

As what the title says, this application is just a download helper for eco’s patch files. It looks similar to the previous post, but with some added functions. Now the program can handle editing the upsv.lst and running nginx for you.

Note: This program requires .NET Framework 4.0
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ECO: How to make your pet stands still

As for the new pet system, the pets can now be levelled up using the EXP that you earn while hunting. There fore, it will be good if you can make the pet stand still in a safe location while you’re hunting on the same map.

The idea is simple, make an AI that always commands your pet to “standby”.
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Taichung Adventure

At first, I never thought I would be able to travel outside Taipei while still in the first year of study here. Until one day suddenly my roommate tells me about Taiwan Host Family Program. Of course, me being myself, I tend to reject that offer. But after being persuaded several times, I filled up the application form and submitted it.
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ECO Japan Manual Update

I’m not talking about an official manual patch. Instead, I just wrote how to update the Emil Chronicle Online client manually -yes, literally manually. This guide is only appropriate to you if:

  • You have a very slow/unstable connection so that you cannot finish a big update.
  • You have tried updating many times without success.
  • You are patient enough to read and follow this guide (which I bet most of you are not).
  • You don’t have any other choice left.

If you’re wondering why should you choose this way to update, one thing that is almost guaranteed is that you don’t need to repeat the update from the beginning every time you fail, since you’ll download the files manually. You can use any download manager to pause and continue every time you want.

Update (22 Aug 2013): Step 3 up to 9 can be replaced by using the application I posted here.

The big idea is to redirect the patch server into your own computer (localhost) so the launcher would request update from your own computer. To do this you need a web server. OK, for those who do not understand, you can forget this paragraph and continue.

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Devil May Cry 4 Tips

Devil May Cry 4

Recently I’ve been playing DMC4 and managed to somehow beat all levels. If you have completed at least one level, you should be able to play another level with all weapon already available (for Dante) and all Devil Bringer’s skill available (for Nero). There are many walkthroughs out there, so I won’t be writing another one. Instead, I will tell some tips which I considered will come in handy.
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Pusher with FuelPHP

Pusher debug page
Pusher API Debug Page

Using Pusher with native PHP is relatively easy. But using it with a PHP Framework can be a little bit confusing, since it needs some additional work. Up to this date, there’s no Pusher PHP Library which is designed to work directly with FuelPHP. It just takes minutes to set up, though.
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