This note is solely written in order to refresh my emotion and speaks up my opinion about some of my friends. I’ve been trying to find a logical reason why I dislike a certain somebody. I can’t ask for anybody to change if I myself dunno what I want them to become. Although I knew, I don’t have the right to ask them to change anyway.

My mind has been filled up with controlled emotions, eventually I decided to just speak it up before my head explodes. I tend to observe othes’ feelings, so I’m easily irritated if I detect negative emotion around. This is just my opinion. If you find it annoying, then just leave silently.

The main problem here is selfishness. It’s OK if you speak up your problem and share it with your friends (that’s how it’s supposed to be), but please do not worsen or destroy the mood of others while speaking about it. The problem lies in the way you speak. Don’t forget the basic rule: Being hurt doesn’t mean you get the right to hurt anyone else. Hurting here may vary in many ways. For example, you shout some annoying words or disturb others to express your feelings. I really hate this kind of expression.

You may be straightforward, it’s OK, as long as it’s within sense. Honesty and truth is important anyway. Just try to think about what others are feeling first. If you want to be understood, you should try to understand others first. If you try to draw anyone’s attention, you’ll just end up losing them instead. Don’t ever judge people’s life by their looks, because you don’t know what their life is actually.

Do not mix up things. If you have problem, don’t mess it up with another problem. For instance, you didn’t do your part of group work coz you’re too busy with your own work. Whatever the reason is, this and that are different matter and you have to solve it yourself. Take full responsibility of what you have done, and apply full commitment to what you have chosen.Don’t ask for sympathy from the others because of your problems. It’s disgusting, really.

You may have so many problems, difficulties, but don’t ever think that you are the most unlucky human on earth. You should not blame others for the problems you get. Remember that every problems you get is a lesson for you. Once you lose your willing to solve your problems, you’ll end up just keep avoiding it. You can’t run away forever. Sooner or later the unsolved problems will stack up and beat you. Finish every problems quickly and advance to next one.

Don’t easily complain. Unnecessary complaints will just ruin the mood. Instead, try to cheer up the atmosphere so you get positive feedback. If you want others to smile on you, smile on them first. Don’t let your emotion get full control of yourself.

It’s really difficult to be a better you, but believe me, if you have the willpower, there is a way. Be an adult already. If you keep being selfish, you’ll not be prepared to face the world. The world will not hear your cries, screams, complaints, and so on. Think about what you can contribute to the world, don’t think about what you can get from it.

You may think that this note itself is my selfishness, too. I realized that I can’t always adapt to my surroundings. I’ve been trying to hide my negative feelings and spread positive aura. But these kind of people ruin my plan completely. For the last time I ask you, please pay attention to what others are feeling, too. I won’t ask you to understand mine.

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