My Point of View about “God”

First of all, I’m not trying to offend anyone with my post. I’m just trying to unite everyone here. If my writing feels offensive to you, then just go away, your mind is not open enough to accept something different.

I wrote this post because I found some “religious” people attacks me with their own dogmatic view when I’m trying to speak my own. It is not strange, because my point of view is very different from others. I can understand why they attack me even though I, myself, was upset because of it. I need to make it clear.
Okay, here’s the point. Most human that I knew, or at least the problematic ones, tend to blame God / ghosts when they think they’re receiving bad luck, disaster, disease, or something “bad”. For example:
God of Love

  • “Oh my God, why is it happening to me?”
  • “God, you’re unfair! I give it my best but what do I get in return?”

Or something similar, you know what I mean. While humans say those kind of things to their God, I can only imagine if I were in God’s position. Just how many times God is blamed in a second, makes me really think, “It’s not easy to be a God.”

Ghosts, on the other side, are the objects to blame when something strange happens. Really, humans watch too much TV. Humans define their own “ghostly” acts. Okay, I don’t say they are wrong. I’m just trying to say, will you think a little deeper before jumping to conclusion that this is “ghost’s doing”? Horror films and games are made by humans, not ghosts, or so I think.

Another problem is when the humans pray. All the things humans say to God is almost everything about forgiveness, gratefulness, and requests. Well, I don’t say they are wrong. But have we ever tried to say “Hello” to God just once? Have we ever tried to say “How are you today?” to God?

Have we ever tried to understand just how much God’s burden is? Every single request that humans unable to do, is sent to Him. Man, just imagine how many humans living on Earth. At the very least, please help Him do some of His work if you can. Oh, you may think that God is infinite, unlimited, but some of you say that God can be angry. Which means, God’s patience is limited, isn’t it?

Well, I’m not comparing God to humans – they’re totally different entity. I just want that we, humans, should befriend God as much as we can. Most believers worship Him. It’s good if it helps them know how to live better life. Come on, we need real contribution. What’s the point you’re praying day and night if you’re not even contributing to the world?

People may say that I’m not giving myself in God. Oh man, He has me within Him already. In fact, I prefer to define “God” as the universe, the nature, and everything inside it. This way, many sentences written in the bible match perfectly, like “We live within God and God lives within us.”.
Eye of God

In short, what I want to make clear are these things:

  • I believe in God, but it’s not the God whom most of you believes in.
  • I’m NOT saying that believing in God(deity) is wrong. It’s really up to you, and I don’t disrespect it.
  • I’m NOT saying that praying is useless. It’s very useful to calm yourself down, to express gratitude, and to express apology.
  • I don’t hate atheics just like most of believers does. They are human, just like us. If they do not bother us with their dogmas, then why should we? Everyone has freedom in their way of thinking.
  • I love peace. I don’t bother anyone with my own view. So, if you’re picking up a debate or offending me, I would say: “Does your God really want humans to fight each other?”
  • Bibles are not useless. For me, it’s a good novel to read because it has so many moral acts, good words and quotes.

That’s all about it. I guess there will be some of you who read this will understand. Yes, I expect some, because not many people have the ability to open their mind.

3 thoughts on “My Point of View about “God””

  1. Awesome post just read it! I’m a firm believer in when it come to religion that you should believe in God in your own way. Believing in something more powerful is the first step then believing in your beliefs and standing by them is the second.

  2. Understand that their is no manual to being a perfect human and God made us that like that on purpose. When you asks yourself “what is the meaning of life”? The meaning of life is to find yourself and find out who you are. Ask questions about yourself and you will answer them god is there just to give you that extra push like a energy drink. Stay blessed.

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