My Experience with DHF (Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever)

This is just like a diary when I suffered DHF.
aedes aegypti

Day 1 – Friday, 04/23/2010
Symptoms: Fever, Severe Headache

The first symptom appeared at afternoon, approximately 2 p.m.. My body suddenly felt so weak. I didn’t notice the fever until 4 p.m. when I was taking a nap during a class. I went to sleep right after reaching home. My Mom brings me a paracetamol called “sumagesic”. It worked, my fever reduced and I can move again, but along with side-effect: my body is all itchy. Oh well, I managed to finish my CCNA2-Ch1 Exam and play 1 DotA game this night.

Day 2 – Saturday, 04/24/2010
Symptoms: Fever, Moderate Headache

I woke up at morning with 38.7 degrees Celcius fever. Just like the day before, I took a paracetamol called “biogesic” (I concluded that I’m allergic with sumagesic) and it worked well too. My fever was down for about 4-5 hours before it goes up again. I used this meantime to finish my CCNA2-Ch2 Exam. My parents called a physician and the physician suggested “Mefinal” for my new pain-reliever and fever-reducer. Everytime my fever goes up, I had to take the medicine. I began to realize that this is DHF, so I began drinking Pocari

Day 3 – Sunday, 04/25/2010
Symptoms: Fever, Light Headache, Eye-ache

I woke up with fever, but this time it’s 38.1 degrees Celcius. However, I couldn’t stand the headache so I kept taking Mefinal whenever the fever goes up. I spent this day lying on my bed. I felt very thirsty all day, so I gulped all the 2 -litre Pocari this day

Day 4 – Monday, 04/26/2010
Symptoms: Eye-ache

No fever anymore on wake up. I went to physician at 9 a.m. by myself, riding my bike. The physician said that I had DHF’s symptoms, and I should test my blood the next day. He also prescribed me some drugs and vitamins. Since the physician advised to rest all the time, I spent this day lying on my bed, too. Another 2-litre Pocari was gulped. At afternoon, suddenly the fever goes up again, so I took Mefinal. The same thing happened at night. Ah, I received a news that someone -dear-to-me- had some accident. So I planned to see her the next day.

Day 5 – Tuesday, 04/27/2010
Symptoms: Eye-ache

  • Thrombocyte : 151000 cells/microlitre
  • Leukocyte : 2000 cells/microlitre

I woke up at morning almost like normal, except that my eyes can’t move freely. It hurt badly when I moved it. That’s why I couldn’t watch my computer for more than 30 minutes. The fever sometimes still goes up. I went to the lab to have my blood checked at 9 a.m. by myself again. They say the result will be available at 1 p.m. so I went home at the meantime. At 1 p.m. I dressed formally, went off to take my result, and went forward to campus. I thought I would see her after the lecture ends. But surprisingly she attended lecture, so my mission’s accomplished and I went home after some chit-chat with my friends.

At afternoon I went to physician to consult the result with my Dad. The physician said it’s obvious that a virus has infected me, and the virus is strongly suspected as Dengue virus. He advises me to fully rest at home, take much fluids such as water, Pocari, and guava juice. Besides those drinks, I also took guava leaves water – the water which is boiled together with guava leaves.

Day 6 – Wednesday, 04/28/2010
Symptoms: Almost none

  • Thrombocyte : 148000 cells/microlitre
  • Leukocyte : 2600 cells/microlitre

The eye-ache that had been disturbing me for almost 3 days had gone. I felt no fever at this day, so I didn’t take any antipyretic drugs. My Dad rode me to the lab in the morning, and took the result at afternoon. Yeah, my thrombocyte level dropped, so I took extra caution in my fluid intake. I drink those drinks very frequently that every 30 minutes I went to pee. Not much happened at this day, just like a holiday at home with my electone and guitar.

Day 7 – Thursday, 04/29/2010
Symptoms: none

  • Thrombocyte : 149000 cells/microlitre
  • Leukocyte : 4300 cells/microlitre

Just like the day before, my Dad took me to the lab in the morning and took the result at the afternoon. I managed to finish the CCNA2-Ch3 Exam at the morning. I felt so healthy that I forgot that I was still in recovery progress.

Day 8 – Friday, 04/30/2010
Symptoms: none

The doctor said that I didn’t have to check my blood today, so I did my routine activities at home like nothing happened.

Day 9 – Saturday, 05/01/2010
Symptoms: none

  • Thrombocyte : 185000 cells/microlitre
  • Leukocyte : 4300 cells/microlitre

After I see the result, I convinced myself that I’ve recovered already.

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  1. genious dude, glad to see all that pocari helped you.
    my brother is suffering from dhf and right now he is in an ICU. i am scared as of now. but your article make my belief in knowledge stronger.

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