Love and Date

This holiday I’ve been bugged by these mellow things, which causes me to have insomnia. Yah some may call it “love”, although I haven’t understand anything about this thing.

Well, the point is, what do I have (require) to do when I found that I like a girl?

Some of my friends said I should approach her with this and that kind of technique, and eventually have to date her. In other words, they say that if I do love her, I have to date her. Basically I think, this is just the culture of this city – or country – whatever it is. Personally I don’t see why I have to date her despite I love her. What if she has another boy she like? Do I have to take her away from him? That’s not even fair for those two!

They say I have to be brave and say “I love you” to the girl. Now, what’s the meaning of “being brave”? I don’t want to be such a careless creature. I don’t even know for sure whether I really love her or not. What if this feelings isn’t love? It means I have played with her feelings. Oh please, “my feelings”, “her feelings” and “dating” are all different matters. My loving her doesn’t mean I have to date her, because dating needs both to have real feelings to each other.

Now, if I managed to date her, what do I have in me, that could help maintain our relationship?
Let’s see what a boy basically/commonly should have for this.

  • Ability to drive – preferably a car
    Lately I read survey in newspaper, and they(most of girls) say that boys who couldn’t drive isn’t appropriate for dating. This bugs me to death since I can’t drive a car, nor do I have one.. I can’t deny that this is required – although not very fatal. I usually ride my bike everywhere. When I date a girl, I would take her with my bike. The biggest problem is rain. It may not be a matter if the girl accepts being wet. If not, yeah, you could imagine what I should deal with: the rain and the girl.
  • Job – a stable income
    I want to be independent. I just feel uneasy if I use my parent’s money to date a girl. I mean, this is my own problem – my own life. Why should my parents interfere with this? They already have so many problems rising their kids. When I can’t even repay them, I spend the money for dating? Oh hell no, no and no.

I don’t have those basic requirements yet. That’s why I stay still at this matter. If I date, I’ll date seriously – it means we both have to know and understand each other. Living in parents’ care and living independently is completely different. Both me and the girl will have to “try to” live independently – simulating the marriage life. This way, there will be fewer problems about misunderstandings when it finally comes to marriage. Marriage itself is a very complicated matter, so it must not be played with.

Maybe you who read this would say that I’m backing off from reality. It’s natural, since this is our culture. Just please be more open-minded..

Inspired by Karen

4 thoughts on “Love and Date”

  1. “if I do love her, I have to date her”
    you don’t have to, but I’m pretty sure you want to date her.. right? Yesterday I watched Eclipse. Got into me well enough..

    “I have to be brave and say “I love you” to the girl”
    I’m kinda agree with RadityaDika’s speech this afternoon. (which one?)

    about 2 bugs thingy,
    you should debug it 😀
    That’s why I tried..

  2. ” They say I have to be brave and say “I love you” to the girl. Now, what’s the meaning of “being brave”? I don’t want to be such a careless creature. ”

    ngga ada hubungannya sama keberanian….cuman masalah kemauan…… orang disebut brani karena mereka maw melakukan apa yg diinginkan.

    Feeling -> bicara masalah perasaan, kehati-hatian bukan jadi masalah om. Hiraukan sementara kehati-hatian,be egois …… xixixixix

    1. Sip bang, gw suka kata-kata lo tentang keberanian *two thumbs up* 😀

      Mengenai feeling tuh emang susah bwt gw, bang. Blom bisa jadi egois neh. Ajarin donk 😀

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