Hatsune Miku ~ Anata no Utahime

初音ミク~あなたの歌姫 (Hatsune Miku ~ Anata no Utahime) is a song sung by Vocaloid’s Hatsune Miku. It’s a virtual voice generated by machine, but somehow it sounds very touching in this song. Just listen to it while reading the lyrics..

Lyrics: (thanks to -= Ish` Emo & Random Diary =-)

この家のこのパソコンが 私の新しい居場所なの。
kono ie no kono pasokon ga watashi no atarashii ibasho nano.
This particular PC at this home is my new place to live in
今日からはあなたがご主人さま 絶対に大切にしてよね。
kyou kara wa anata ga goshujinsama zettai ni taisetsu ni shite yo ne.
You are my master as of today, and you have to be nice to me

chotto! nani suru no! konna hiwai na kashi wo utawasenaide
Hey, what are you doing? Don’t make me sing such a vulgar song
ちゃんと あなたの「言葉」と「想い」を伝えさせて
chanto anata no “kotoba” to “omoi” wo tsutaesasete
I insist you let me convey your words and messages

あの時、私を買ってくれた 本当の意味は違うでしょ?
ano toki, watashi wo katte kureta hontou no imi wa chigau desho?
The reason why you bought me at that time is different from what you are doing now, right?
私にもっと歌わせて 世界であなただけの歌姫なの
watashi ni motto utawasete sekai de anata dake no utahime nano
Just let me sing more, I am a diva just for you in the world

あなたに出会ってからの 私の思いは秘密なの。
anata ni deatte kara no watashi no omoi wa himitsu nano.
My feelings toward you since I met you is secret
kyou mo mata anata no ressun ga aru..
You are giving me a lesson today as usual
tanoshimi ni… shite nanka inai wa.
I’m looking forward to……No, I’m not

kyou no regaato, jouzu ni utaetenakatta kana..?
I couldn’t sing today legato well, could I?
chanto uta no renshuu mo suru kara misutenaide
I promise you I’ll practice singing so don’t give up on me

anata ni tsutaetai omoi ga aru
I have something to tell you
私を選んでくれて ありがとう。
watashi wo erande kurete arigatou.
I’m happy you picked me out
あのとき、出会えた喜び いつも、いつまでも
ano toki, deaeta yorokobi itsumo, itsumademo
The bliss I feel after our encounter, forever,
wasurenai yo.
I’ll never forget

watashi wa, mada manzokushitenai.
I’m not satisfied yet
anata no uta wo, zenbu utau made..
Until I sing all of your songs
私にもっと歌わせて 世界であなただけの歌姫なの
watashi ni motto utawasete sekai de anata dake no utahime nano
Let me sing more, I’m your diva just for you in the world.

The lyrics somehow touched me deeply..

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