Friends – What is it?

If you’re using Google (I believe you are), imagine the server is down for some period of time. You’re desperately in need to use it and it’s not running. Do you stop using its services even after it’s up and running again just because it has failed you?

If you’re using Yahoo! Messenger Service or MSN Messenger Service, imagine the chat server is down and you can’t chat with your friends. When it’s finally running again, will you hate it because of being down?

If you’re subscribing to a ISP and sometimes the network is down, once and twice, you may post your complain. But do you stop subscribing just because of it? Just because you “paid” them and didn’t get what you deserve for a period of time?

If you have a laptop and the battery is unusable, having you plug it in at the power source everytime you use it, do you quickly dispose it and buy a new one? Even if you do have money, will you discard it that easily?

Ah well, forget those stupid questions above. What I want to say is, even a strong server like Google, YM, MSN Messenger will sometimes go down – whether it’s because of hardware maintenance, software update, or an accident. They dedicated their servers to serve everyone in the world. Imagine how many requests come to the server every second, and how many responses does the server has to send back to the clients. After using their services, I don’t think anyone will hate them just because they’re down for some time.

Well, now how about your point of view about your friends? If one of your friends “goes down”, how would you react?

  • Will you look for the reason why he/she “goes down”?
  • Will you still consider he/she as your friend?
  • If you still do, why? Is it because you still need him/her? Is it because no one can replace him/her?
  • If you don’t, why? Is it because you hate him/her deep inside? Is it becase you no longer need him/her?
  • Will you help him/her to back on his/her feet? Or will you just wait and do nothing?

I’m not Google, which can handle almost all your requests without fail. I’m just a man with limited capability.

Just a spam I guess, but I really want to write it down. Sorry if my writing is so lame.

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