Fake Expressions

This is just a note of my opinion. I haven’t had anyone which could listen to it directly, so I’ll just write it down instead.

Lately I’ve been wondering if almost all my friends are trying to pretend to be someone else. I often see their expressions are just like they’re forced to. Fake smiles, fake laughters, even fake attention are being applied. But some of them still let their feelings free~ of course I’m not one of them.

I realized that making this kind of false expressions isn’t really a solution to the problem~ it just makes the problem gets even worse. Sooner or later the true character will be exposed. When the time comes, it is almost predictable that some of your friends will make distance away from you. These are, of course, the ones which cannot accept your real self but cannot break the friendship at the same time. I think these ones suffers the most from being manipulated.

After some time of “research”, I found that humans need only to control their emotions – not their expressions. Well, controlling emotions isn’t an easy thing to do. It needs passion and strong will. Controlling emotions doesn’t mean controlling expressions. People who can’t control their emotion but have passion to do so usually try to control their expressions first. I can’t say it’s wrong, since it could lead to both good and bad results, and I also started like this. It’s painful since it means you lie to yourself, and risky since it means you also lie to others.

I guess no people are able to fully control their emotions yet – because it means they’ve become godlike already if they are. But I know some way that might help you.

  • Pay attention to your health. Healthy mind lies within a healthy body. I bet you should have known yourself better. Exercise your body; eat healthy food, and get enough sleep. If you miss one of these, most likely your emotion will go out of control. Human bodies have their extent. They can’t be forced to do things they aren’t able to do.
  • Manage your time well. Whoever you are and whatever your job is, there are no jobs that can’t be finished, as well as there are no problems that can’t be solved. We are given 24 hours a day and 7 days a week already and we can’t ask for more. So we have to use our time effectively and efficiently
  • Work hard and smart. Working hard is good, but you’ll run out of time if you don’t work smartly. Spend some spare time to think about the improvement of your work. Remember, you can’t increase your workflow just by spending some time to work, since time is limited.
  • Evaluate every single thing you have done. We have to learn from what we have done, so we never make same mistakes twice.
  • Always think positively. There are no single problem that has no positive side. The problem is how you see it. Complaining will just drop your own and others’ mood.
  • Set your goal within your reach. If you are being too ambitious, you’ll end in very deep despair when you failed. I’m not telling you not to think out of the box. This is why smart planning are important. You can determine that a goal is within your reach or not by planning first. Usually people are lazy to plan something – that’s the reason they can’t accomplish their mission.

Well I guess this is all I can write for now. Remember that animals and humans have emotion and instinct. What differs is humans have the ability to control it.

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