ECO Japan Manual Update

I’m not talking about an official manual patch. Instead, I just wrote how to update the Emil Chronicle Online client manually -yes, literally manually. This guide is only appropriate to you if:

  • You have a very slow/unstable connection so that you cannot finish a big update.
  • You have tried updating many times without success.
  • You are patient enough to read and follow this guide (which I bet most of you are not).
  • You don’t have any other choice left.

If you’re wondering why should you choose this way to update, one thing that is almost guaranteed is that you don’t need to repeat the update from the beginning every time you fail, since you’ll download the files manually. You can use any download manager to pause and continue every time you want.

Update (22 Aug 2013): Step 3 up to 9 can be replaced by using the application I posted here.

The big idea is to redirect the patch server into your own computer (localhost) so the launcher would request update from your own computer. To do this you need a web server. OK, for those who do not understand, you can forget this paragraph and continue.

  1. Download nginx (around 1.15MB).
  2. Extract the archive and run the nginx.exe. It will not show anything. Oh and if you run Skype (which may use port 80), close Skype first before running nginx. After you run it, try http://localhost. If it opens a nginx welcome page, you’re good to go. If it’s not (timeout or whatever), then nginx is not running yet.

    Update (22 Aug 2013): Step 3 up to 9 can be replaced by using the application I posted here
  3. Open folder html within that nginx folder. Create a new folder named “eco”.
  4. Now download this file and place it inside that eco folder.
  5. Now, see what version is your client currently. Don’t tell me you don’t know where to see it. It’s in the launcher’s title. It should be like “ECO Client verXXX”. I will use mine as an example. Mine is currently version 347, so I need to upgrade to 348. Therefore, you have to create a folder named “D00000348” in that eco folder.
    Note for the new installation: The version will be “FullPackage”, and no folder D00000xxx. Instead, create a folder named “fullpackage” and continue inside that folder.

    Normal Update to version 348

    New Installation
  6. Open the D00000xxx folder you just created. This folder will contain all the update files. Of course, you have to download it manually. What files are you going to download? Firstly, this: For the noobs who confuses themselves because you see a webpage instead, save it. Don’t know how to save a web page? Hit Ctrl+S. If you’re done, place that file into the D00000xxx folder.
    Note for fullpackage: dl_list.txt file is located here instead:
  7. Open that dl_list.txt file. This file will show you what files to download for the update. For this example, the dl_list.txt should look like this:
  8. For the first line, it says eco.ver,5. It means you have to download, which has 5 bytes of size. Then you have to download, which has 10240000 bytes (10000 KB) of size. And so on, continue until the end of dl_list.txt.
    Note for fullpackage: The URLs you need to download are,, etc.
  9. Place all of the downloaded file requested by dl_list.txt in the same folder as dl_list.txt. Congratulations! You have completed the downloading task.
  10. Now it’s time to manipulate the client to think that your computer is the patch server. Go into your eco client installation folder (where eco_launch.exe resides). Open the upsv.lst file using notepad. For the noobs, open notepad, drag the file into the notepad. Change “” into “localhost” or ““. Don’t forget to save it.
  11. Run your client (eco_launch.exe) and run the patcher as usual. It should update very quickly now.
  12. When you’re done with the patching (updating), remember to restore the upsv.lst file (step 10) contents into “” back, unless you will always need to do this tutorial again.
  13. For the new installation: The launcher might not respond for a few minutes while it’s still extracting files. It’s not a problem. Wait until the _temp folder in your client folder disappears. It indicates the installation has finished, and you may close the launcher.

Run nginx and repeat step 4 to 12 if you want to update manually again. Oh, and of course, adjust the version number to your need. To remind you again, the example above is to update to version 348, so the client is currently running version 347.

If you want to shutdown nginx, use task manager and kill nginx.exe process.

Sorry for my bad English. If you experience problems, you may leave comment. I may or may not reply though.

72 thoughts on “ECO Japan Manual Update”

  1. I’ve already downloaded all that files manually, yet when i tried to patch it, it doesn’t work. i can’t even click the update button. I’ve already changed the upsv to localhost, but it seems that it doesn’t work? where did i go wrong?

    1. Can’t say for sure. There are some possibilities:

      1. Check whether the web server (nginx) is running, using the task manager. If there is “nginx.exe” at the process tab, then it’s running properly.
      2. Have you updated the econew.ver (step #4)?
      3. What version are you updating to? Did you name the folder correctly?
      4. If it still does not work, upload the screenshot of your ECO launch (where you can’t click the Update button) somewhere so I can see the problem.
        1. I see you’re fresh installing. If I’m not mistaken, it should be at version 345 once it finished installing.
          After you finish the update, change the upsv.lst file back to and try re-launching the eco_launch again.

          The first picture: It says it’s still extracting the files. Leave it (don’t exit) and wait until the text above the bar (ファイル展開中) changes. After it changes, you can exit the launcher, edit the upsv.lst file, then re-launch again to see if it’s successful.
          The second picture: The _temp folder is always emptied and deleted after an update or when the launcher is closed. It’s not wrong.

          “whenever I exit the launcher” : Are you exiting the launcher while it’s still extracting the files?
          “the eco folder went empty again”: eco folder or _temp folder?

          1. ah i get it now, so i have to wait until the files have been extracted. but it seems I’ve encountered another problem. why did the launcher always stops responding whenever I’ve completed updating from 345 to 346 whether it is manually or auto update?


          2. Sorry, I’ve never encountered that problem. Have you tried running the launcher as administrator, or restarting the PC first? Always use auto update if possible.

      1. Same the problem here, but i try tu run nginx.exe again. and finally it’s work … Thanks xD

  2. could you tell me how i can run the launcher as administrator?
    sorry im noob with using win 7..thanks

      1. Thanks Alexander..i have more prob..
        i was downloaded eco fullpatch until ver
        i see in download list that size version is 10mb, but when i download that version, that size is not 10mb, but only which the true?
        so i have bad english 😀

        1. Are you sure? Check the list again.
          It’s 2MB indeed, as stated in the dl_list.

    1. Continue to step 12: restore your upsv.lst file. Then re-launch the launcher to update automatically.

    1. Ditungguin ga keluar apapun? Emang uda nunggu berapa lama? Prosesnya agak lama lho dan bisa bikin not responding, nda boleh di-exit sampe respond lagi. Mungkin sekitar 10 menit ato lebih bakal not responding. Biarin dulu sampe selesai baru bole lanjut.

        1. Yg waktu update ke 345 itu not responding terus? Coba run launcher (eco_launch) nya as administrator, terus coba update lagi dari awal.

    1. Itu setelah update nya penuh, km exit ato mati sendiri launcher-nya? Ada kemungkinan not responding selama bbrp menit, biarin dulu aja sampe selesai. Kalo udah selesai folder _temp nya pasti ilang en siap pakai.

    1. Hi again please forget what i said above i found an english tutorial site 🙂 i think i’ll download it directly from the client

        1. Langkah-langkahnya sama aja kyk yg di post. Yg di post kan utk ver. 348, jadi cuma ini aja yg diganti (step 5-8):

  3. untuk manual updatenya, bisa pakai ECO_local_patch dari ECOid gak?
    selama masih main ECOid dulu, launcher eco id ku bermasalah, jadi aku disarankan pakai local updater sama wavegame, apakah untuk ECOJP juga bisa?

  4. saya instalasi baru…patch via localhost 345 lancar
    tapi setelah 345 kelar..launcher nya ga jalan2 lg
    _temp nya juga udah hilang

    selanjutnya nunggu atau gmn ? jika patokannya berdasarkan _temp hilang = berhasil..tapi saat diganti jadi jalanin launcerh malah patch dr 345 lg…

    any idea ?

      1. ndak run lg…klik launcher nya lg..balik patch ulang lg..begitu kelar…balik lg ga running kembali..ditungguin ga terjadi ap2

        1. Jadi utk fullpackage yg 2GB lebih itu udah selesai ya? eco.ver tulisannya apa? Coba patch ulang dari awal kosongan (fullpackage), mungkin ada yg corrupt ato semacamnya.

  5. fullpackage 2,72gb

    eco.ver tulisannya ap ? –> mksdnya ? tulisannya ya sama eco.ver size 5 byte

    gmn cara dr awal lg ? dah ketimpa ma patch-an asli td testing patch 345 nya..ternyata lama abis..kalo ente bisa teamviewer..boleh diremote dicek ada yg kurang ap ga :p

  6. karna uda patch yg asli..mau dr local ga bisa lg..ada eror dr eco_launch

    eco/econew.ver bla2 err code = 3

    gmn cara ulangin lg klo bgini

  7. Udh stuck tiap kelar patch 346 ..exenya gk keupdate 347..dan selalu patch dr 346 lg..manual lwt localhost bgitu dan kalo lsng autoupdate dr gunghonya jg eror gr2 vpn nya dc

  8. buat yg susah patch dr 345 -> 346 lewat local/autoupdate gagal terus dimana patch nyangkut di 346 mulu atau ga berhasil di patch, gw nemu 1 cara dan buat gw itu berhasil lewat cara tsb..

    gw(newbie) baru nemu klo sistem patch eco nya ngebaca angka sesuai urutan pertama
    dimulai dari 1, 10, 11, 12, 13, dst bukan 1, 2 , 3 langsung seperti kita baca angka biasa dimana 1 lalu 2 lalu 3..dst

    buka folder eco-> d30000346(folder yg mau dipatch)..isinya kan ada sampai sesuai dllist.txt

    nah karena dan seharusnya adalah file terakhir yg harus di extract..tapi di extract duluan dan bentrok dengan file sblmnya
    caranya :
    1. awal2 kita ubah yang aslinya menjadi lalu menjadi

    2. next menjadi kemudian menjadi

    3.lalu yang tadi yang sudah diubah itu(step 1) diubah kembali menjadi dan terakhir menjadi

    ( menurut gue cara tsb terbukti setelah gw ubah lalu patch dan berhasil ) mungkin berguna untuk manual patch selanjutnya jika patch berkali2 masih ga berhasil 🙂

  9. kk maksudnya ver 345 346 tuh apaan ya?? gw masih 345.. kalo udah kelar semuanya apakah harus download juga yang verr 346 gitu? sampe 348

  10. kk itu step 10 maksudnya nge drag gimana??
    di tempat gw abis install cman ada 4 file aja lho.
    1. eco_launch
    2. ecover
    4. launch.dat

    1. Abis install emang cuma ada 4 file itu. Ikutin aja dari step 5, bikin folder fullpackage dst.
      Step 10 apanya yg drag? Itu cuma edit file upsv.lst aja kok.

  11. Kalau download full package, apa gak perlu download ver. sebelumnya? Soalnya saya pas awal itu Ver 226.

  12. kak ak kok gak ad folder/file yg namanya “_temp” pas install econya
    gimana thu kak
    apakah memang gk ad atau gimana kak

  13. kak aku kan udh DL semuanya dari ver1-287

    trus waktu mau idupin patchernya gak bisa di update
    trus kata kakak di comment atas mungkin nginxnya blom idup
    nah kan aku iduppin dong nginxnya
    tapi abis 10-15 detik nginxnya mati mulu, ini kenapa ya? 🙁

    1. Wah aq blum pernah kejadian sampe nginx-nya mati sendiri. Mungkin coba nginx-nya di run as administrator, atau matiin antivirus dulu. Sekalian coba matiin Skype?

      Udah dites juga kah waktu nginx-nya nyala, bisa buka http://localhost lewat browser?

      1. udh ku benerin kak, ternyata harus di drive D (awalnya ku taro di HDD external) ternyata bisa dan skrg udh patch 😀

        tapi kak ada yang aneh deh, itu kan part 287 baru full package kan, alias baru versi 345, tapi waktu ngepatch dll selesai mendadak econya udah versi 350

        trus waktu mau manual update ke 351 selalu crash setiap kali udh mau selese updatenya 🙁

        maap yah ngerepotin banget ;_;

  14. udah kuganti nih kak skrg udh bener lagi ke versi 345 :DD
    mau tanya satu lagi ya kak 😀

    kan mau langsung udate dari 345 – 372

    kalo mau langsung aja, foldernya bisa ga sih di tumpuk aja, jadi kalo mau langsung update ke 372 nanti ada folder D000000346 sampe D000000372 bisa ga ya? 😀

    ato bisanya satu2 aja dari versi ke versi? 😀

    thanks a lot ya kak! 😀

    1. Bisa kok, download aja dulu semua file2 patch-nya seperti yg km bilang. Ntar waktu patch juga patchernya bisa otomatis lanjut ke versi-versi berikutnya sampai versi terakhir.

      Sama2 😀

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