ECO Japan Manual Installation

This post is for those who simply confused reading the last post regarding ECO manual update. I separated the installation process here.

Note: I never tested this method myself. I did not use the new installer.

  1. Download nginx (around 1.15MB).
  2. Extract the archive and run the nginx.exe. It will not show anything. Oh and if you run Skype (which may use port 80), close Skype first before running nginx. After you run it, try http://localhost. If it opens a nginx welcome page, you’re good to go. If it’s not (timeout or whatever), then nginx is not running yet.
  3. Open folder html within that nginx folder. Create a new folder named “eco”.
  4. Now download this file and place it inside that eco folder.
  5. Create a folder named “fullpackage” inside the “eco” folder.
  6. Open the fullpackage folder you just created. This folder will contain all the update files. Of course, you have to download it manually. First, download this:
  7. Open that dl_list.txt file. This file will show you what files to download for the update. The dl_list.txt should look like this:
  8. Those list are the filenames that you need to download. Just ignore the number behind comma, it’s just the file size. You have to download + filename.

    For example:

    And so on, continue from 1 until 287 or until the end of dl_list.txt.

  9. Place all of the downloaded file requested by dl_list.txt in the same folder as dl_list.txt.
  10. Go into your eco client installation folder (where eco_launch.exe resides). Open the upsv.lst file using notepad. Change “” into “localhost” or ““. Don’t forget to save it.
  11. Run your client (eco_launch.exe) and run the patcher as usual. It should update very quickly now. However, at the end of patching, the patcher might not respond for a while. I don’t know how long, but this is normal, because it’s unpacking 2.7 GB of files in the process. Wait until it actually responds and the _temp folder disappears. Then you may continue.
  12. When you’re done with the patching (updating), remember to restore the upsv.lst file (step 10) contents into “” back to re-enable the client to do auto-update from the gungho server.

19 thoughts on “ECO Japan Manual Installation”

  1. dear Arky
    about the Extracting , i wonder how long its takes on
    since mine until now ( already waited for 1 H 30 M ) and its still not yet completed

    any suggestion ?


    1. It actually depends on your machine. I can’t really tell how long it will take. But I think as long as the launcher does not stop responding, it’s OK.

      You can try checking all the CAB file size. If any of it were corrupted (size does not match dl_list.txt), the launcher will stop responding when extracting.

      1. i see….

        ah 1 more question if i may
        do you know whats the reason that i can’t launch my ECO ?

        its telling me ” please wait ”
        after gone, its not shown any launcher.. :c

        do you know how to fix it ?

    2. Are you using Internet Explorer already?

      Usually there is a notification at the bottom page of Internet Explorer, asking you whether to install some ActiveX plugin (or whatever, I forgot). It pops up when you see “please wait”. Have you installed it?

      1. im already did it yet its not shown anything :c

        is there’s a way to -re download it or something ??

        Btw Happy new year Alexander-san xD !

        1. Hmm sorry, I can’t think of any solutions for that problem. There may be something wrong with your Internet Explorer (but so far I have no problem in running eco)

          Happy New Year to you, too πŸ˜€

      1. 404 not found..berarti nginxnya gak nyala.. ._.
        entah sama nginx erorr melulu..
        ada gak progam lain kayak nginx yang bisa dipakai buat eco manual? sayangnya udah download ini 4,5 GB –“

    1. Kalo keluar tulisan 404 berarti bukan nginxnya yg salah, itu salah struktur folder harusnya. Kalo emg nginx error hrsnya ga ada tulisan 404.

      Pastiin susunan foldernya kyk gini:
      (folder nginx)/html/eco/fullpackage/(file2mu)
      (folder nginx)/html/eco/econew.ver

      Coba cek udah bener atau belum.

      1. ternyata saya yang salah entah saya ada 2 folder nginx dan saya kira nyambungnya ke nginx yang udh diisi sama hasil donlodannya ternyata nyambung di satunya lagi,skrg saya udh coba kopi folder econya ke yang satu lg dan gak 404 not found lagi πŸ˜€

        1. Coba cek lg upsv.lst nya, jangan pake http://?

          Kalau ga bisa juga, coba balikin nginx ke port 80. Matiin Skype kalau nyala (biasanya kena skype jd ga bisa pake port 80). Sesuaiin juga upsv.lst nya.

          Kalau mau bisa gw coba remote control PC u pake Teamviewer (u musti download dulu). Biar gw liat lgsg problemnya di mana.

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