ECO Japan Patch Downloader

As what the title says, this application is just a download helper for eco’s patch files. The rest of the process (rewriting upsv.lst, running nginx, etc) is still the same (see this).


How to use:

  1. Point the ECO Directory into your ECO client directory (must contain eco.ver file)
  2. Point the nginx Installation Directory into where your nginx resides (must contain nginx.exe)
  3. Click “Check for Updates” Button and wait for the process to finish. You can see how big the update is.
  4. When you’re ready to download, click “Start Download”
  5. When you need to pause the download, just clisk “Stop Download”
  6. You can resume your download even if this application is closed. Just make sure your eco.ver is intact.


  • Supports pause/continue download
  • Auto-detects your current ECO version and newest version available
  • Batch download all patch files needed until the newest version available (if you’re at version 340 and the newest version is 373, it will download patch version 341-373)


  • It does not check the integrity of each file. Files that are already the same size as described in dl_list.txt will be skipped.
  • There is no guarantee it will always work on everyone’s machine (usually .NET framework problem). It should work on Windows 7 machines.
  • Might be buggy

Download and use it at your own risk.

12 thoughts on “ECO Japan Patch Downloader”

  1. Alexander ,
    after i download the data from 345 , and update the Eco
    it seems makes the launcher stopped working 😮
    do you know how to solve this problem ? 😮
    ( i am beginner at this ^^a; )

    .: note :. i did already restarted my PC and open as Administrate it still not worked the launcher from 345 – 346 +

    ( sorry for bad english … )

    1. Hi, there are several things I need to check first. You cropped the bottom part of the image. I need to see the progress bar and the status text as well.
      – When does this error occur? Does the eco_launch stops responding right after you run it or after several seconds (after it tries to update)?
      – Are you installing ECO from fresh (eco.ver should contain text “fullpackage”), or are you updating from ver 345 to 346?
      – Have you started nginx.exe when you run the eco_launch?

      Also, please check that every file needed to update eco does exist in your designated directory (nginx.exe html folder). Specifically, please check that:
      – econew.ver exists
      – “D00000346” folder exists
      – inside the “D00000346” folder, there should be dl_list.txt, eco.ver, and plenty of .cab files (make sure each of the cab files has 10MB size, except for the last cab file)

      My guess is that some cab file is corrupted (the size does not match). If that’s the case, you need to redownload it specifically.

      1. well its stop working when finished update …

        when the ” extract ” word changes , its suddenly stopped working 😡

        1. ah problem solved 😮
          sorry for the troubleness xD
          and thanks for the Help
          what you guess was right
          some of CAB Data were corrupted
          thanks alexander-san ^^

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