Hi, this page contains my random creations. I like new things, so I tried some and these are the result(s). Just like the other page, you may post any comment here.

Google Chrome Themes

Simply Gray

My First theme. I just learned how to create themes for Chrome using JSON. Inspired by Apple’s gray color.

Simply Gray Theme Screenshot
Simply Gray


Inspired by MimiCreative website. A simple dark theme.

Mimi Creative Screenshot
Mimi Creative

ECO (Emil Chronicle Online)

I’ve been playing ECO for 2 months already. Now I feel like making some contributions to ECO-lovers (Emilian). Here it goes.

ECO Preview
Emil Chronicle Online

[ECO MMD] World is Mine (Arkyria testdrive #1)

This is my first experimental 3D model. I have just finished the bones (weighting and repositioning).

[ECO MMD] Only My Railgun (Arkyria testdrive #2)

My second experimental model. It’s now added physics and moved the wings.