>Toku – Kamen Rider short review

Here is the list of Kamen Rider series that I have finished watching.
– Kamen Rider Faiz (Faiz, Kaixa, Delta)
– Kamen Rider Blade (Blade, Garren, Chalice, Leangle)
– Kamen Rider Kabuto (Kabuto, TheBee, Drake, Sasword, Gatack, Punch Hopper, Kick Hopper)
– Kamen Rider Den-O (Den-O, Zeronos)
– Kamen Rider Kiva (Kiva, IXA, Saga, Dark Kiva)

Faiz’s henshin is cool, with his cellphone and neon lines all over his body. Also, his hissatsu attack (rider kick and knuckle) with crawling neon glows was also eye-catching.. Unfortunately the main story is not very good.. It’s just full of betrayal and misunderstandings..

Blade, Garren, and Leangle has the same henshin concept. Chalice (Rider of Hearts) is totally different, and also the strongest rider in Blade. Blade (Rider of Spades) has ultimate (King) form, which helps him to face Chalice. Garren (Rider of Diamonds) has a gun, and he is maybe the weakest rider here. Leangle (Rider of Clubs) is born strong from the beginning.

Kabuto may be the best Kamen Rider I ever seen. Kabuto’s actor is surprisingly cool, which makes me become his fan. Kabuto has never lost in a fair battle. TheBee is pretty strong, but in the end it has no owner (and is never used anymore). Drake is the weakest one here -_-. Sasword is as cool as Kabuto, but is weaker. Gatack is born strong, and is destined to be as strong as Kabuto. Kick and Punch Hopper don’t have clock up (at the series).

Den-O’s story is humorous. It is the Kamen Rider Series which has so many “The Movie”s. Den-O itself has 4 (or maybe 5) forms: Sword, Rod, Axe, Gun, and maybe Wing form. Zeronos has 2 forms: Altair and Vega form. Ultimate form has not been included yet (Climax and Liner form). It’s story is also good.

Kiva is not very good, yet it’s not very good either. His Emperor form is rather too eye-distracting with its gold and red color. IXA has 2 forms. Sagarc in the end does not has any owner.. The last battle is a bit nonsense.

Now it’s the time to watch Decade..

>Another crazy projects await..

When I feel that the holiday is definitely useless, I found that the first week of lecture was extremely boring and busy..

A project of coding another Java desktop application is not enough to satisfy me.. Then the answer of may passion comes by itself.. Embedded system requires me to do a project of making a line-follower robot. And it’s more than enough to make me busy.

Meanwhile, currently I am watching “To Aru Majutsu no Index”, “Kamen Rider Decade”, “Kamen Rider Blade”, “Clannad after The Story”. It’s worth watching these serial movies, even though Kamen Rider Blade is already expired.

>第二のコメント~Second Comment

There’s still nothing important to write.. Today’s news for me is
– http://www.mediafire.com/?69r5il5fkln <---- Lunatica Reimu
– http://www.mediafire.com/?azddnixye6d <--- Lunatica Marisa
– http://www.mediafire.com/?9gxfqhzeviu <--- RS Marisa
– http://www.mediafire.com/?m5zv0v2xdhh <--- Lunatica Sakuya Those are for touhou fans, just some random things. If you want, you can download and try them. I got those news from Hourai..