According to the human-defined time, the earth has been revolving around the sun for almost 21 times since the time I was born. Most people -or at least, the people around me- say that it’s the age of an adult. Basically, an adult is defined as a person who has attained the age of majority, and is therefore regarded as independent, self-sufficient, and responsible.

You may have caught the idea of being independent and responsible. But what does being “self-sufficient” mean? Self-sufficiency refers to the state of not requiring any outside aid, support, or interaction, for survival. Okay, that’s all for definitions.

Well, I’m entering this age of “maturity”, that means I’ve biologically matured. But am I pshycologically matured? That’s what I kept asking to myself. Soon I’ll graduate from university. After that, what am I going to do? An adult has to survive without aid – so the answer is work. Currently I don’t have any plan of what job I should apply for. I like programming -maybe that’s because I’m an IT student-, but my ability is not expertised. I’m average at several subjects – which makes me more confused. There is a quote saying:

It’s better to be good at a few things than to be average at many things.

I gave it several thoughts every time I’m going to bed. I haven’t found what I’m really expert at. I’m worried about my future. How do I earn a living? If I have a family, how do I feed them? If it’s about money, I’m really stingy. I have a principle:

If you can’t make money, at least stop spending it.

Ah, and about a family, my parents encourages me to look for a girlfriend already.. I feel pressure from this thing, since I don’t have that many of girl friends (not girlfriends). Besides, if you have read my older posts labeled diary, you should know how immature I am. Well, I dunno if there is any girl who could be with me, though.

After all this thoughts, I concluded my first step is to find what I am expert at, and make sure it’s the job that I want.

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