I am phlegmatic, Virgo, and introverted. Blood type A and born in Indonesia. That was pretty much about me. I have many interests to the point that I have to choose which knowledge I should deepen. I have IT specialization, or exactly, I am graduated from an IT school which made me have a set of IT skills. Any natural science fields are also my interest, although I have no deep knowledge over them. I also like learning some languages, especially those I meet often in everyday life. For musical skills, I do not really have one, but I do have interest in piano. Too broad, is it? Yes, that’s what I am.

Curriculum Vitae

I specialize in building dynamic web applications using PHP language. I deal mostly with admin pages and forms, web services, and AJAX. Currently I use Yii Framework to tackle projects. For personal projects, Twitter Bootstrap is used to kickstart page design.

Programming language skills:

  • PHP, especially using CodeIgniter, FuelPHP, and Yii
  • MySQL database
  • Javascript, including NodeJS for server-side and jQuery for client-side
  • HTML and CSS, as it is a compulsory skills when working on web projects

Human language skills:

  • English – TOEIC 880 and TOEFL ITP 623
  • Chinese – 汉语水平考试 (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) level 4
  • Japanese – 日本語能力試験 (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) N4

Past Projects

Melody Furniture Website


Saboteur Card Game Website (still working on it)

For other projects, see Creation.